Years 3-6 Camp

The Years 3-6 Camp was held at Araluen Lutheran Camp, Anglesea last week.  By all reports, the students willingly engaged in all activities and made the most of the three days out in the fresh air.  Students were kept busy with surfing, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, bike riding and much more!  It was a jam-packed camp and the students were exhausted by Friday afternoon. 

Here are a couple of comments to give parents an idea of what took place:  

Kamden:  My favourite activities at camp were bike riding and boogie boarding. I met some boys from St. Michael's, they were really nice to Will and I. I liked the chips and flat head, but it was not better than dad's. The eggs were a bit sloppy.

Something that was annoying was the girls ding dong ditching us and Pat turned on the lights so we woke up at 1 am!!   I loved camp!

Quinn:  I loved camp because of the activities. All of the activities were my favourite but the one I loved most was paddle boarding.  Stand up paddle boarding was my favourite because you got to stand up, unlike canoeing.  It was great to stand up because you got to fall in and you could wobble the board so the  other person falls off the back.

Camp was also great for me as I struggled at times but I got through it.  My struggles were going to sleep at night and also canoeing. But I enjoyed it.

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F-2 News

Welcome to St Mary's Genevieve and Skyler!  We love having you here with us at school.

Last week, while the Years 3-6 students were on camp, the F-2 students had the school to themselves.

Adelaide: Louise made us work hard every day but we had a fun ending each day too.  We had a special treat lunch and movie on Wednesday; we celebrated Skyler's birthday on Thursday with cupcakes and her mum Jess even painted our faces! 

Jeremiah:  Genevieve was a butterfly, Adelaide had a flower crown, Skyler was a cheetah and I was a dinosaur.

Genevieve:  On Friday we had donuts and made lanterns for the Lunar New Year. Each animal had a year named after them by the Chinese Emperor by winning a race across the river.

Skyler:  The lucky colour for the Lunar New Year is red.

Thank you Jess and Billie for painting our faces.

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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

St Mary's is very excited to introduce a new initiative to help support the wellbeing of our students and better resource key staff. After all, happy and well supported students are better equipped to learn and succeed.

Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV is an online wellbeing resource that can support you in the challenges of modern-day parenting. This award-winning resource helps build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers to navigate a pathway towards better mental health and wellbeing for young people. It can assist you in starting conversations on topics that are sometimes awkward or difficult to tackle.

Parenting is a learning journey and SchoolTV supports families by providing credible information from trusted sources offering practical strategies with a focus to empower confidence when difficulties arise.

We invite you to visit our SchoolTV site and view the content. Discover a host of interesting topics featuring interviews with leading youth wellbeing experts and researchers from around the world offering hours of relevant and practical information. Additionally, each topic includes a compilation of related resources from key organisations providing a comprehensive stream of content. Resources include informative fact sheets, articles, apps, books, podcasts, websites, and other videos - all related to a single topic, in one place for easy access!

Start exploring SchoolTV today!

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